This year, MileOne is proud to announce we'll be offering our Maryland and Hall stores incentives to hit their fundraising goals. We are offering both monetary awards at the end of the fundraising season and monthly incentives. 

To learn what your individual store goal is, talk to your ACS Store Champion. To start your online fundraising, find your team and make a donation on 
Achieving Your Store Fundraising Goal
If you achieve your store fundraising goal, which can be shared by your Store Champion, then your entire store will receive a COVID-friendly catered lunch by a local vendor.   

October Incentive - Raising $500
If your store has raised at least $500 by the end of October, your store will receive free MileOne/Hall/Heritage swag! We will be giving branded baseball caps and pop sockets to be distributed by the Store Champion. 

November Incentive - Selling Vehicle Raffle Tickets
This year, MileOne is raffling off a 2020 Mazda CX-30. All stores received tickets to sell to customers, family members and friends. All ticket stubs have a spot where the seller can put their name. When the tickets are collected, the sellers are counted. The top 3 raffle ticket sellers in both Maryland and Virginia will receive exciting prizes! Those prizes include a dinner and hotel stay for 2, the latest Apple watch and a $300 gift card. 

Remember, MileOne employees cannot win the vehicle, but friends and family can. 

If you are interested in receiving more tickets, contact Melissa Tully at x10428. 

Don't forget the Division Cup!
This large, silver trophy is presented to the store in each Division (Hall, Heritage, Silver Spring) that went above and beyond in their fundraising efforts. The store has to hit their store goal, have purchased ACS apparel, participate in multiple fundraising events and use the fundraising resources available to them.